Team Members
Position Team Member From Talk
Lay Director Juan Gonzales Deming NM Perseverance
Asst Lay Director Rick Gottlieb Las Cruces NM Christian Action
Asst Lay Director Robert Harrison Ruidoso Downs NM Fourth Day
Asst Lay Director Ron Swift El Paso TX Priority
Spiritual Director Ernie Vineyard Deming NM Means of Grace
Asst Spiritual Director Charles Clary Ruidoso NM Obstacles to Grace
Asst Spiritual Director Laird Cross El Paso TE Prevenient Grace
Asst Spiritual Director David Morrison Chaparral NM Justifying Grace
Asst Spiritual Director Robert Ortega El Paso TX Sanctifying Grace
Board Rep Bob Durrett Ruidoso NM
Table Leader Ray Contreras El Paso TX Body of Christ
Table Leader Jack Fairall El Paso TX Changing Our World
Table Leader Rob Hovious Ruidoso NM Life of Piety
Table Leader Mac McGregor Deming NM Priesthood of All Believers
Table Leader Bob Phipps Silver City NM Growth Through Study
Asst Table Leader Ike Burns Ruidoso NM
Asst Table Leader Earnest Campbell Weed NM
Asst Table Leader Luis Carrasco El Paso TX Discipleship
Asst Table Leader Joe Franco Las Cruces NM
Asst Table Leader George Johnston Alamogordo NM
Asst Table Leader Bruce Odom High Rolls NM
Musician Kimble Kearns Capitan NM
Asst Musician Walt Evans Capitan NM
Support Coordinator Bill Thomas Lordsburg NM
Support Team Chris Gonzales Deming NM
Support Team Ellen Gonzales Deming NM
Support Team Tony Gonzales Levelland TX
Support Team John Rosenberger El Paso TX
Support Team Curt St. John Las Cruces NM
Support Team Tony Trujillo Deming NM